We believe great services are great for business!


It’s not about what we can offer; It’s about how our services can benefit you. Just come in and take advantage of our services. It’s that simple! We are more than a Dry Cleaning company; our customers are like family.

We strongly believe in the power of communities that is why we have chosen to make community the center of our value proposition in our businesses. We want to surround ourselves with value driven people who are interesting, have a positive view, and are focused on improving the world. For this reason we chose to run our business in Calgary Downtown, near the Calgary Tower the second most visited place in Calgary.









Why dry cleaning? It’s called “dry” cleaning because it does not use water. However, it does use liquid cleaning fluid. Here at Palliser Dry Cleaning we employ a gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning solvent that works to remove stains without risking damage to the garment being cleaned.

Why Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning? We strive to run a green business. We are extremely environmentally conscious and always make sure that our partners are using only the most environmentally friendly products and cleaning methods.


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